Welcome to Dark Night: A Cyberpunk 2020 campaign.

Set in the ironically antiquated yet familiar world of Cyberpunk 2020’s dystopian near-future, Dark Night focuses on a rag-tag group of individuals who, like all citizens of Night City, want to somehow find fame, fortune, and redemption among the broken ruins of desperate and dirty streets.

Can these strangers even spare the time, energy, and bullets to save their reputations and one another when an oblivious contact ensnares each of them in a net of corporate conspiracy and murder?

In Night City, it’s unlikely.

Nothing is the future is free, and even cold chrome and steel can’t separate them from their memories and the consequences of past transgressions.

Cyber-up, choomba.
We haven’t even jacked you in yet.

Our next official sessions are January 30th and February 13th.*

*GM has to take Bub to vet on the 13th. Session will be starting later than usual.

Since the GM running this social experiment is a huge fan of fluff and fiction, all adventure logs will be written as chapters and structured as small tidbits of the on-going story. The Dark Night players aren’t exactly known for their work ethic so all content is interpreted and translated by the GM with player approval and review.

All character artwork is drawn and doodled by the GM unless otherwise noted. The maps presented are done so for informational purposes only and are not to be used outside of this intended purpose. They can be found in the Cyberpunk 2020 sourcebook Night City.

And one more thing: this isn’t a vanilla campaign. Expect a lot of sex, drugs, and chromatic rock n’ roll. Read at your own risk.

Dark Night