Dark Night

Episode 1: Ice Breaker

The party gathers for the first time; a profit plan is formed.

Considering the confusion surrounding the cryptic messages each person received, Clive was surprised to see everyone he contacted gathered around his table at XYZ. Thankfully, Joseph Handel, the doctor he nabbed everyone’s contact information from, arrived promptly on time and helped him single out the others. Brenden White managed to sneak in behind the doctor. Fane Lonel, also recognizing the doctor, joined the conversation, a number of his nomad family members stationed in the bar to assure his safety. Asase made a small scene, her statuesque demeanor and beauty catching everyone’s eye. Incendia was the last to join quietly taking her place.

The group begins by introducing themselves as per Clive’s request. Joseph Handel is a street doc of German descent who’s a little too enthusiastic about his work though he seems to genuinely care about the welfare of his patients. Brenden is a solo; this revelation draws uneasiness from the group but he reassures them that he can be trusted since a job is on the line. Asase informs the group of her calling as a vessel of truth, a small-time singer with a passion for greater causes. Clive confesses that he’s a Netrunner though his spotty explanation isn’t terribly efficient. Fane introduces himself as a traveller who takes jobs-for-hire, his family always in tow. Incendia reveals herself as a journalist of sorts; she knows Clive but doesn’t elaborate on how, nor does it seem particularly important.

In a disorganized and somewhat jittery fashion, Clive informed everyone of their common connection, the street doctor Joseph Handel, and how he pilfered the doctor’s files at their last meeting in the hopes of finding a suitable team. With his “friend” Marie-Louise, Clive reassured the group of the innocence of his intentions. Clive informs the party his brother was murdered 10 years ago and that, essentially, he’s looking for closure. From what he could gather from the doctor’s detailed notes of their lives and injuries, Clive figured he could piece together a versatile company to finally put the nail in the coffin.

The job, however, isn’t cut and dry. Clive’s brother wasn’t just murdered. After all, even hardened criminals don’t dismember a fourteen year old boy without a damn good reason. The Night City Police Department glossed over the incident by calling it a breaking and entering and then quietly purging it from their records. Clive and Marie-Louise are worried, given the amount of ambiguity surrounding the case, that this could be something deep and serious. Unfortunately they don’t have the resources to dig into the NCPD’s files and they aren’t divulging the deepest details to these strangers they just assembled. Clive tells the group they are hoping to outfit €250,000 for the job. It’s a number Marie-Louise immediately disputes.

Clive interjects. He is acutely aware of the issues surrounding this potential job; the lack of immediate monetary motivation, the legal dangers, the moral quandaries…To help supplement the amount of money he would need to outfit the group’s equipment he proposes they form a small coalition to pick up jobs, legal and otherwise, around Night City. After all, it’s much safer and more economical for fixers to hire a trusted group than individual vagrants. He also invites the group to suggest money-making strategies.

Dr. Handel is quick in noting his own lack of means. As a street doc, each of the party members has already utilized his services to circumvent the lofty prices of TraumaTeam Inc but Dr. Handel is working with limited supplies in a cramped space. Clive proposes they break into a medical supply store and skim a few tools and chemicals off the surface, just enough to ensure the good doctor’s ability to work and to line their own pockets with much-needed cash. After a discussion revolving around the absurdity of TraumaTeams billing practices, the team decides this mission is just grey enough to be justified.

A bit of comedic relief is provided when Clive exits to locate a dataterm and identify their target. Fane, Brenden, and Asase heckle Marie-Louise about her relationship (or lack thereof) with Clive and her job at Simillax Analytics, a marketing analysis firm. She remains tight-lipped.

The roles and timetable are then designated. Fane, Brenden, and Incendia will case Savannah Medical in Old Downtown. The group will then meet on the east marina at 6:00 am to share their findings. The group will then plan their breaking and entering; Asase will stage a small street performance to draw passersby and street patrol. Fane, Brenden, and Incendia will lead the assault with Clive and the doctor acting as support and lookouts.

Once coordinated, the group disbanded. Fane offered Incendia a ride home. As the first two to leave, they immediately deviated from the plan unbeknownst to the rest of the party. Fane and Incendia decided to ditch Brenden and check the place out that night.

Marie-Louise drove Asase, Clive, and Joseph to their respective homes. Clive agreed to let Brenden stay with him despite his reasonable reservations. Brenden followed the car on his cycle. Clive expects the others to contact Brenden to arrange the casing of Savannah Medical.

The group will meet again (without Marie-Louise) on the east marina in three days.



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