Clive Dautrieve

A burned-out Netrunner looking for answers


At six foot two with narrow features and bright eyes, Clive could probably have made a much better living working on the grid than off. Just as it has for many Netrunners, though, reality lost its glitz and glamor somewhere between lines of code and virtual space.

Clive is certainly an unconventional fellow even by Night City standards. While blue dreadlocks aren’t uncommon the strange and burning sparks of optimism and good humor are.

It’s the nature of those sparks that will probably baffle the crew he just (sort-of) hired. Is Clive a strung-out hack beating back paranoia or does he truly have something worth banking on?

Clive reveals early to the party that he was once training to become a cop but, in ways not specified, ended up running the net instead. It’s the murder of Clive’s brother that sets the precedent for the party to come together. Clive knew Incendia before he looked into the doctor’s files; they haven’t elaborated on how.

He doesn’t want to talk about his friendship with Marie-Louise and has no idea why these people he just met keep pestering him about it.

Clive Dautrieve

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