Joseph Handel

Every team needs a ripperdoc; this one comes with baggage


Talkative, enthusiastic, and somehow, despite all else, charming, Dr. Joseph Handel is the thread that initially binds the group together. It’s his detailed notes and obsessive work ethic that act as the catalyst in Clive’s plan.

The doctor is a strange character, perhaps the strangest the group has met yet. None of the others, despite having received treatment from him in the past, have seen his face. He is first seen wearing a gas mask to cover it and it’s the feature each of them recognize. He also possesses a straightforward yet spasmodic way of speaking in his thick German accent. He’s also a little too eager to explain and enlighten.

While he seems kind and caring, the question of the doctor’s stability might come into question sooner than later. That much is obvious, even from the first meeting.

Joseph Handel

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