Dark Night


The characters receive a cryptic message

It is currently Saturday, January 3rd, 2020. The time is 10:15 pm.

Incendia Tempest, Asase, Brenden White, and Joseph Handel have just received the following text message on their respective cellphones as they go about their business:

I have a business proposal for you. Meet me at XYZ in J-town. Be there Wednesday at 5. I’ve heard you have some talents that could prove to be useful. The payoff might not be immediate but it’s gonna be good. If you’re in, show up. This probably doesn’t sound too legit but I’ll explain more if you decide you’re interested. It’s up to you. PS: Don’t worry about how I know you. No ill intent, promise. ;)

Fane Lonel received a similar (albeit nearly illegible) message scrawled on a sheet of copy paper stashed near his bike later that night.



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