Dark Night

Episode 2: Dead Lines

Tensions rise early when things don't go as planned.

The group meets at daybreak at the East Marina but Clive is outraged when it’s revealed that Fane and Incendia deviated from the original plan and left Brenden behind. Asase breaks up the argument but things again turn sour when it’s revealed that the warehouse is locked-down tight.

The group brainstorms various ways to break into the building. Most of the ideas are too risky to be useful but one idea stands out. Since Clive has already hacked into the warehouses system and retrieved much of the financial information, the group decides to plant a fake invoice and intercept the listed goods by hijacking a delivery vehicle. The group returns to Clive’s apartment to look over the records and select one of Savannah Medical’s clients whose truck can be easily obtained. Fane separates from the party to take care of personal business; he suggests that he can deliver a van to transport the stolen goods to Joseph.

Incendia finds a nearby client, The Clinic in Little Italy. The business is close and direct enough. Brenden is sent to investigate the business from a distance and to learn about the delivery route of the driver since it’s still early. He attempts to tail the driver as he sets out on his afternoon route but quickly loses the vehicle in traffic. He does, however, spot the driver making a stop on his way back at a nearby Taco Shack. He notifies Clive and the others. Fane shows up to attempt to rectify the situation but doesn’t gain much information. He spends the rest of the day camped out near The Clinic only to watch the driver (and another man who fits his description) depart for the day. He tails the driver home but learns nothing. Both men return to Clive’s apartment where they regroup and decide to go back out to case Savannah Medical again that evening.

With Brenden’s knowledge of how to dodge surveillance with ease, some additional knowledge about the building is gained. In addition to the suspicious car Incendia noticed parked in the alley the night before, Brenden discovers someone is present in the basement late at night; this officially rules out a traditional break-in.

The group decides that the following Monday (the current day having been Friday) that they’ll lay low, plant the invoice, steal a truck from The Clinic, pick-up the supplies, transport them via Fane’s van, and dump the stolen truck in the combat zone.



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